Injury Assessment / Diagnosis

Self-Management Advice / Education

Exercise Prescription

Manual Therapy

Taping / Bracing

Running / Gait Analysis

Cycling Analysis & Bike Fitting

Appointments and Fees



Private Health Insurance Rebates Apply

(with extras cover for physiotherapy)


Physio Assessment Consultation




  • Assessment of a new injury or condition (
  • Commence a new episode of care for an injury or condition we have previously managed >12 months since last appointment


  • Patient interview to gather information on the presenting problem, previous injury history and relevant medical / social history
  • Physical assessment
  • Advice and/or treatment as appropriate
  • Referral if required


Physio Subsequent Consultation




  • Ongoing management for a current episode of care
  • Re-assessment and treatment of a single injury or condition


  • Re-assessment of key outcome measures
  • Further assessment as required
  • Physiotherapy treatment / interventions
  • Referral if required


Physio Subsequent Consultation


15 / 45 / 60mins


  • Circumstances where a shorter or longer review consultation is necessary – for example:
    • Brief consult to strap an ankle before a game
    • Longer consult to manage multiple unrelated injuries or conditions, or complex conditions

Note – your physiotherapist will advise if a shorter or longer appointment is appropriate

All consultations are conducted on a 1-on-1 basis


Gap fees apply where the rebate paid is less than our standard private fee for patients treated under:

  • Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program (formerly EPC)
  • Work Cover
  • Motor Accident Insurance claims

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) consultations are bulk-billed.

  1. The above pricing assumes that only one injury / condition is being assessed and treated within each consultation. If multiple injuries / conditions are present that require management within the same session then the time requirement and fees may vary. Please advise us when booking if this is the case.
  2. Pricing displayed is for our time only – you may also be billed for:
    • Certain consumable items (e.g. strapping tape)
    • Products supplied in the course of your care (e.g. braces, orthotics, exercise equipment etc.)
  3. These services are provided in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please read these prior to your appointment. Note that fees may apply for late cancellations and failure to attend without notice.
  4. Clients under the age of 16yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Do you have access to the Halaxy Patient Portal?




Once logged into your account click Practioners at the top of the page.

 Halaxy patient portal

If you have attended the clinic previously

Click the My Practioner sub-menu item and select my name on the page this link takes you to. You will then see a Make a Booking link near the bottom of the page which will take you to my diary (be sure to select the correct location). 

Halaxy patient portal

If you have not attended the clinic previously

Select the Search sub-menu item and then enter the following details on the screen to find my profile from which you may book an appointment by clicking the Make a Booking near the bottom of the page (be sure to select the correct location).

Halaxy practitioner search

Subsequent bookings should also be made via your Patient Portal to avoid having to re-enter your deatils each time. This also assists us by preventing the creation duplicate patient records in the system.




Making a booking via Halaxy is straightforward – simply click the Book Appointment button on my profile page, select the service you require and then navigate my diary to find a suitable time. If you cannot find a time that works for you please feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can do to fit you in.

You may also elect to create a Halaxy Patient Portal account first by visiting and clicking the Login/Signup button. Once this has been done you make a booking from within your account (see instructions under the YES column). Creating an account will facilitate future bookings but is not essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

Physiotherapists in Australia are first contact practitioners and so a referral is not necessary if you a seeking care as a private patient.

If your treatment is to be funded by Medicare (Team Care Arrangement), the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Work Cover or a Motor Accident Insurer then a referral other applicable documentation is required.

Do you process Private Health Fund Claims on the spot?

Yes we do. For a list of funds accepted please visit here and select Physiotherapists.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred payment option is electronic via EFTPOS or our practice management system’s electronic payment processing facility (see HealthKit). Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted. Cash is also welcome.

Where prior agreement has been made there is the option to pay invoices via bank transfer or Bpay. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the end of each consultation for private patients.

If your treatment is being funded by a thrid party then we will bill them directly, although you may be required to pay a gap fee on the day to cover any discrepancy between our standard private fees and what the funder pays (the exception being DVA claims which are bulk-billed).

Do you accept Medicare and DVA referrals (and do you bulk bill)?

We accept patients for treatment under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan and under DVA with the necessary referrals and approvals in place.

Regarding bulk billing, we do not bulk bill for treatment provided under CDM plans but do for DVA.

Do you treat patients under Work Cover and Motor Accident Insurance claims?

Yes I do. Once the necessary referrals and claim paperwork has been received I will bill them directly, although you will be responsible for any gap between what they will pay and my standard private fees.

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