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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Last updated: 3rd of April, 2020

As an essential health service, Ben Ward Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (BWSMP) remains open for business. For your health and ours during the COVID-19 Pandemic, a range of policies and procedures have been implemented and will be frequently reviewed as the situation evolves. Please see below for details.

Physiotherapy Consultations

All new assessments will commence with an online or phone (telehealth) consultation. During this consultation your injury, medical and social history will be taken. On the basis of this information a decision will be made about the appropriate next step. 

For those with relatively minor and uncomplicated issues, initial management may include injury education and advice regarding appropriate self-management strategies that can be trialled at home. The outcome of this would be reviewed and should the desired outcome not be achieved then an in-clinic consultation arranged. Some injuries problems and conditions will, however, require an in-clinic consultation to complete the assessment in order properly diagnose and manage.*

Depending on circumstances, subsequent consultations may be conducted remotely (online or by phone) or in clinic.*

* Bookings for in-clinic consultations are subject to item 1 under infection control below. 

Infection Control

BWSMP takes the current pandemic very seriously and in order to protect both you and your physiotherapist, the following infection control procedures will be followed for in-clinic consultations: 

  1. If any of the following criteria you will be asked to defer your appointment (no cancellation fees will apply under these circumstances):
    • if you are currently unwell, even if only mild symptoms – this includes symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, cough, sneezing etc.
    • if you have travelled internationally or interstate within the previous 14 days
    • have had contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case within the previous 14 days
    • if you are under any direction to self-isolate
    • if your physiotherapist becomes unwell or meets any of the other criteria
  2. You will be asked to thoroughly wash your hands (at least 30secs) with soap upon arrival plus as required during the consultation, and by attending you agree to follow any reasonable direction to do this. Your physiotherapist will also wash his hands in the same manner between each patient and as necessary throughout your consultation.
  3. Should there be a need to touch you during a consultation as part of assessment or treatment then your physiotherapist will wear disposable gloves (non-latex). See section below relating to physical assessment and manual therapy for more detail.
  4. All surfaces and objects that come into contact with patients will be disinfected between each patient. A gap between bookings will be maintained to enable this to be done effectively.
  5. The number of persons within the clinic at any point in time will be restricted to 1 per 4sqm of floor area. Note that as only one patient is seen at a time and that BWSPMP is run by a sole operator, this requirement will be more than adequately complied with. Should you bring another person with you we ask that they remain in the waiting area outside unless their presence is absolutely necessary to facilitate the assessment and/or treatment.
  6. At least 1.5m of physical distancing will be maintained at all times except for brief periods where close proximity is necessary and unavoidable. In the case of the latter, the utmost will be done to limit the cumulative duration to under 15mins per consult.
  7. Cash payments will not be accepted – forms of payment accepted will include:
    • EFTPOS
    • Bpay
    • Direct deposit
    • Credit card via Halaxy’s payment processing system


The operator has also undertaken online infection control training by the Department of Health. 

Physical Assessment and Manual Therapy

Under normal circumstances a degree of physical contact is part of the physical assessment process, for example when assessing joint range of motion or conducting a neurological examination. Where an in-clinic consultation is deemed necessary, alternative assessment procedures that do not require close proximity (<1.5m) and physical contact will be used to the greatest extent possible. Where a strong clinical justification and lack of a suitable alternative exists, physical assessment will be handled in accordance with applicable infection control procedures above.

Manual therapy (hands-on treatment techniques such as joint mobilisation/manipulation, massage etc.) also requires physical contact and forms part of standard physiotherapy care. Fortunately, alternative self-treatment techniques and strategies can often be employed and so this is the approach that will be taken. 

Telehealth Appointments

To request an online/phone consultation you may do this via our online booking system Halaxy* (preferred) or by contacting us directly via our contact form or phone.

* If you already have a Halaxy (formerly HealthKit) account then please log in and make the booking request from there.