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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Updated Feb 1th, 2023

Physiotherapy Consultations

Consultations are currently being conducted in-person, however, online or phone (Telehealth) consultations are also available. 

Infection Control

In order to protect both you and your physiotherapist, the following infection control procedures will be followed for in-person consultations: 

  1. If you are unwell with acute respiratory symptoms* and/or fever, I ask that you contact me to reschedule your appointment or request a Telehealth consultation. Should I become unwell with the same then I will contact you to reschedule.
  2. If either party has mild and non-acute respiratory symptoms (e.g. a runny nose associated with a resolving common cold) in the absence of fever and/or a positive COVID-19 test result then the appointment may proceed by mutual agreement. In this circumstance I will wear a mask and may request that you do also.
  3. You may be asked to thoroughly wash your hands  with soap upon arrival plus as required during the consultation, and by attending you agree to follow any reasonable direction to do this. Your physiotherapist will also wash his hands in the same manner between each patient and as necessary throughout your consultation.
  4. Should there be a need to touch your head/neck region as part of assessment or treatment then your physiotherapist may choose to wear disposable gloves (non-latex). You are also welcome to request this at any time.
  5. The treatment table and any equipment used will be disinfected between each patient.


* Symptoms of an acute respiratory infection include the recent onset of new or worsening respiratory symptoms including cough, breathing difficulty, sore throat or runny nose/nasal congestion with or without other symptoms.

Should at any time Queensland Health mandate additional or more stringent restrictions or requirements then these will be complied with for as long as such measures are advised to remain in place.